How to apply ?

You can find on our website all procurement contracts for which companies will be selected through an Open Call for Tenders procedure.

If you are able to supply the goods, services or works required, please contact us for the specifications which, unless specifically indicated, will be sent to you free of charge by e-mail.

The specifications can be obtained by clicking on the “Contact” link for the procedure that you are interested in.

This approach does not apply to the procedures that are greyed out in the list. The technical specifications corresponding for the procedures greyed out in the list on the “Call for Tenders” webpage can be downloaded free of charge from this webpage.

This platform enables candidates to:

  • request additional information; and
  • submit a tender by uploading it to the platform.

The platform is currently only available in French but will soon be available in English as well. In the meantime, please use manuals and tutorials available on this webpage or contact our Procurement Team (contact details under the “Help” section) to walk you through the request and submission process.

For limited-competition procedures and direct-negotiation procedures, potential suppliers are approached directly by INTERPOL’s Procurement Team.