Our approach

To carry out its global mandate, INTERPOL must procure goods and services for its operational and logistical needs throughout the world.

Owing to its status as an international organization, INTERPOL is not subject to national, regional or international procurement rules, but has developed its own regulations based on key international procurement principles. The procurement procedures are therefore governed by the following principles:

  • safeguarding the interests of the Organization;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • non-discrimination;
  • transparency;
  • fairness; and
  • integrity.

INTERPOL has 190 member countries and acquires the goods and services it needs to run its activities not only for its Headquarters in Lyon, France, but also in its regional bureaus and liaison offices (in Argentina, Belgium, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, El Salvador, Thailand, United States, Zimbabwe), the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (Singapore), and the National Central Bureaus in each member country.

For this reason, INTERPOL works with suppliers throughout the world, regardless of their nationality or background, as long as the entity concerned complies with INTERPOL’s aims which are set out in Article 2 of INTERPOL’s Constitution.

Additional exclusions may also apply depending on the transaction, and will be clearly indicated in the rules associated with the consultation file.

In the interests of sustainable development, simplified procedures and the fair treatment of all candidates, irrespective of their geographical location, INTERPOL is moving towards a platform allowing tenders to be submitted in a “paperless”, i.e. digital form.